What Should You Choose: Shopify Fulfillment or Fulfilled By Amazon(FBA)?

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It’s clear that the online world has reached new heights during the pandemic, and everyone is expecting online businesses to continue to thrive in the coming years. So, if you want to achieve success with your company, going online is the best method of doing so.

However, if you want to reach more goals with your products, which platform should you choose: Shopify or Amazon?

To fully understand and choose the best option for selling, here are some factors to consider about these two eCommerce platforms.

You don’t need a registered business to sell on Shopify and Amazon.

Anyone can sell on Amazon and Shopify, meaning a registered business is not required to start selling online.

But first, you need to sign up as a seller and comply with the requirements set by each platform. Then, once you are approved, you can immediately start selling.

The start may be shaky, but once you familiarize yourself with how the platforms work, listing your products for sale will become a breeze.

You can start selling for free on both platforms.

Both Amazon and Shopify offer a free trial period for new sellers, meaning that you have the option to start selling without any risk of incurring fees.

When the free period is over, you have a few options. Amazon offers a basic plan(in which you will be charged per product sold, and have access to limited selling features), and a professional plan(in which you will be charged a flat monthly rate, and have access to all of Amazon’s selling tools). Shopify offers basic, Shopify, and Advanced selling plans, which vary based on the size and volume of business. These plans come at different prices but are low-cost compared to setting up a physical storefront.

Amazon offers FBA service.

Amazon is already a great eCommerce platform. But when you register for FBA, selling becomes even easier. It is like handing everything over to Amazon and letting them do all the work.

What you need to do to start is choose an FBA prep company. FBA prep services will help ensure that your products undergo strict quality control and are packed properly before shipping to Amazon fulfillment centers. With FBA, Amazon will store and fulfill your orders, as well as deal with customer service, returns, and refunds.

However, to gain the full benefits of FBA, you need to pay Amazon fees, plus the price for FBA prep services – which are all worth it.

You have several options for Shopify order fulfillment.

Knowing which platform to sell on is the first thing you need to identify when you bring your products online. While both Shopify and Amazon have similarities, they also have their differences: Shopify order fulfillment and FBA services. Understanding which of the two is better for your business and which fulfillment service will work best with your products will help you choose the right platform.

While Amazon offers FBA service, Shopify provides three ways to fulfill orders: automatic, manual, and partial order fulfillment.

Shopify fulfillment service warehouses will prepare and ship your orders for you. And much like Amazon FBA, these third-party services will deal with packing and shipping, so the process is much easier on the side of the seller.

So, which will it be, Shopify fulfillment service or FBA? Decide now and expect success with your company’s online revenues.

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