What is 3PL Logistics and how does it benefit you?

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What is a 3PL Company?

3PL may sound complex, but it is better understood as Third-Party Logistics or 3PL for short. It’s an
outsourced business that acts as your companies supply chain and logistics operations. When simplified
this means that 3PL’s are outsourced warehouses that your business can use to save time and money by
automating the shipping process by experts. 3PL companies give you a competitive advantage by
offering top-tier shipping solutions on a professional level. This usually includes your very own dedicated
account manager as well as same day shipping to your customers with exclusive discounted rates on
USPS, UPS, FedEx and more. This means 3PL very convenient and wise choice for your business's growth
and reputation.

What Industries do 3PL companies work with?

3PL’s typically have various specialties that they offer to their clients. Most standard 3PL industries are:
-Raw Materials
-Bulk Goods
-Wines & Spirits

What are the Responsibilities of a 3PL?

It is important to note that Third-Party logistics warehouses play a very important role in supply chain
operations. They help their customers by growing their businesses with sustainable and scalable growth.
The typical supply chain operations system includes the following stages:
1. Scheduling and receiving inventory to the warehouse.
2. Managing, sorting, and accounting all inventory.
3. Maintaining inventory and accounting for all inventory.

4. Picking, packing and shipping orders.
5. Kitting and assembling products if needed.
6. Management of reoccurring subscription boxes.

Please keep in mind that 3PL’s are responsible for many other tasks while inventory is in their
possession. For example, cycle counts, labeling, shipping notifications to buyers, inventory reporting
during high turnover and more. 3P Shipping is one of the best 3PL companies and takes care of these
duties for you.

Why Hire a 3PL Warehouse?

Many top sellers choose to hire Third-Party logistics warehouses to reduce costs while improving
customer service drastically. This in turn increases positive ratings from satisfied customers as well saves
you time and money so you have more money and freedom.

Accuracy & Speed

The fastest shipping times and 99.7% accuracy mean you experience the best.

Industry Expertise

Save headaches, time and money by hiring 3P Shipping. We have years of experience and expertise, so
you don’t have to make costly mistakes. We can do it all for you and take your business to new heights.
3P Shipping offers a wide array of expertise that can’t be obtained without the proper connections from
years of industry experience. We are able to synergize many 3PL services all in one package. We can
negotiate lower shipping rates on your behalf, pick pack and ship to meet the requirements of your
selling platform and customer base, whether you sell on Amazon, Walmart, Shopify or any other online
marketplace. We will ensure you the highest quality fulfillment.

How to get started with 3P Shipping?

If you are interested in taking your business to the next level, feel free to reach our team on this
website. We will give you a free consultation to assess your needs and goals, as well as a breakdown on
pricing based on your product dimensions and weight.

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