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3PL Service providers may sometimes be referred to as eFulfillment or pick-and-pack fulfillment services. The global third-party logistics (3PL) market was valued at $1,027.71 billion in 2019, and is projected to reach $1,789.94 billion by 2027. Latest reports show that there were 1.3 million companies in the US that utilized eCommerce in 2020, and the metropolitan area of New York and New Jersey made up a significant portion of those companies. In order to keep up with the rising demand for 3PL in New Jersey and New York, a 3PL fulfillment center must be taken advantage of.

A hassle-free way to satisfy your customers

3PL refers to the technology and processes involved in delivering an order to an online customer. When done correctly, 3PL is the most integral part in creating a positive experience for the customer. The experience should begin before the sale, and continue during and afterward. A 3PL service assists the checkout process, integration with the payment provider, and the order management system to run smoothly. 3PL ensures that the picking, packing, and shipping are all done effectively. With an effective 3PL service, you will never have to experience any of the stress involved in any of the processes above – you can simply outsource these monotonous tasks to a 3PL fulfillment center, where they will shoulder the responsibility on your behalf. Thanks to 3PL, you will never have to go through the stress of order fulfillment again.

Save a lot of time and money

If it is done properly, the eFulfillment service can help you to save great amounts of money. It can also help you to save time. Doing it properly means that you should connect with the right service provider. With eFulfillment, your order will be fulfilled automatically. So, you should connect with a reliable service provider so that you can get good value for money.

eFulfillment involves various branches of an eCommerce business, from order tracking to inventory storage, to the shipping of said orders. For these reasons, eFulfillment, when done correctly, has the potential to save you precious time and energy, which can then be used to further improve other aspects of your business, inevitably allowing you to grow your business at a much faster rate. However, if done improperly, it has the ability to cause problems internally within the company, such as lost or damaged inventory, untimely delivery or underpar customer service. AneFulfillment service should be looked at with careful scrutiny when considering applying for services.

Enter 3P Shipping

If you’re looking for a quality 3PL fulfillment center in New York/New Jersey, then 3P Shipping is the way to go. We can help you to save money off order handling and help to improve the flexibility of your eCommerce services while providing you with affordable rates.

If you want peace of mind with your eFulfillment service provider, 3P Shipping is the way to go. We offer 100% customer satisfaction, and constantly strive to build a good rapport and quality relationships with our clients. Our order process is the most customizable in the industry, allowing us to fully cater to your ever-changing eCommerce needs, and thanks to our proprietary order management software, we are able to offer much more affordable rates than our competitors.

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