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eCommerce sellers are faced with various daily challenges. Some may not have enough space to store inventory while awaiting orders. Others may struggle to package and ship supplier orders on time. Many are simply feeling overwhelmed with the sheer amount of tasks that come along with running an eCommerce business.

This is where a superb 3PL company comes in. A 3PL service allows you to offload these regular responsibilities(inventory storage, order fulfillment, etc) to an eCommerce-experienced warehouse for a small fee, saving you time and energy, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business.

Cost-effective solution

At 3P Shipping, we are in the business of saving our clients money. We are adamant that 3PL should not cost an arm and a leg. As eCommerce sellers ourselves, we understand the tight budget that must be followed in order to make a considerable profit on your online storefront. For this reason, we have developed a process by which we can serve our clients’ needs while maintaining cost-effective and affordable rates for them.

3P Shipping

3P Shipping offers the most affordable 3PL services in New York and New Jersey while also boasting a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. However, we don’t only pride ourselves on our excellent ability to fulfill orders effectively and timely; our customer service is equally unmatched. Our experts have been in the eCommerce industry for many years, and are extremely accommodating of eCommerce sellers of all experience levels – happily providing knowledge to those who may be less experienced.


As a partner of 3P Shipping, you will benefit from our world-class product inspection free of charge, ensuring that your products arrive at the customer in perfect condition. As one of the most customizable eCommerce companies in the United States, we offer rates for pallets, individual boxes, cross-dock shipping, bundling in polybags, bubble-wrap, fragile items, applying FNSKU labels, product photography, and virtually any other service you’ll need to keep your eCommerce business running smoothly. All of these features and more solidify 3P Shipping as the best 3PL company in New York and New Jersey.

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