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As a small business owner, time is money. And as a Shopify seller, you most likely spend a majority of your time on product fulfillment (eg. receiving customer orders, packaging products, labeling, and shipping orders). Utilizing the services of a Shopify fulfillment service will undoubtedly save you enormous amounts of time and money, allowing you to spend that time and money on other aspects of your business.

A few specific benefits of using a Shopify fulfillment service are listed below:

Deliver order faster

As a Shopify seller, it is your responsibility to ship orders that you receive from customers as quickly as possible. Each day without product shipped timely will result in lower ratings for you, more dissatisfaction amongst your customers, and, eventually, lower revenue coming back to you. Many sellers are working longer and longer hours during the day in order to ship orders on time, leaving little time for any other aspects of the business. Investing in a Shopify fulfillment service is the best way to relieve the stress of packing and completing orders, always ensuring that you always have speedy and effective Shopify order fulfillment.

More efficient time management

Outsourcing your Shopify order fulfillment to a prep center allows you more flexibility in your work schedule than ever before. Rather than spending multiple hours a day preparing and shipping your products, you now have wiggle room in your schedule to spend on customer service, finding suppliers, or even take the day off if need be.

One satisfied customer said, “Since moving our inventory to [3P Shipping’s] warehousing and fulfillment center, we have been able to focus on sales and have seen an immediate positive impact on our business…”

Reduce headaches caused by returned items

A returned product means even more space taken up in your already limited inventory space. If you utilize a Shopify fulfillment service, that product will instead go straight into that fulfillment warehouse, getting it out of your hair.

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