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Irrespective of where you are on your eCommerce landscape, Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) will enable you to relax your warehouse bandwidth, cater to the fulfillment requirements to be on Amazon Prime, and augment your customer service and account status by seeking benefit from Amazon’s offerings.

However, employing FBA means preparing packages for FBA on your own, submitting Amazon’s fees to outsource this job, or paying a third-party FBA prep service. Each option has various advantages depending on your business scale, existing warehouse capabilities, and total costs.

Outsourcing FBA Prep Services New York | FBA prep Center New Jersey can be a very cost-effective way to shift inventory, to import new stock directly into FBA, and reduce the cost of staging inventory.

If you’re running a compact or a relatively small eCommerce store, you might not be able to meet FBA’s stringent quality standards for prep. It can result in your products being declined at the FBA warehouse or an increased rate of product returns, which may lead to account suppression.

Inspection, packaging, and labeling products must meet FBA’s quality standards, so it’s very much necessary that you seek access to the manpower, equipment, and resources to do so professionally and inexpensively.

Staging or FBA prep warehouses enable you to outsource this step to a third-party, so you can rapidly and feasibly scale your eCommerce business without the annoyances.



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3P Shipping provides shopify fulfillment service they can alleviate you by receiving inventory straight from your manufacturers and exporters. Upon receipt of inventory, we’ll inform you right away and inspect your goods. If any items are missing or damaged, we will send you images of the order for your archive.


3P Shipping has third party warehouse will follow Amazon’s requirements and prep each order accordingly. Our team will confirm our prep procedures with you before fulfilling the shopify order fulfillment. Our easy to use software and in-house calculator will allow us to determine and share with you our pricing system that will be comprehensive of all shopify fulfillment service. At 3P Shipping, we value your time and want to help you save time so you can focus on growing your business.


3P Shipping will package your shopify order fulfillment in the most effective and efficient way, taking into account product fragility. Whether the order is a single shipment or multiple shipments, each order will be packaged carefully, securely, and swiftly. Your third party fulfillment order will be shipped using one of our many carriers and we will send you a signed copy of the Bill of Lading. We hope to serve you and assistyou in growing your business through our simplified system.

FBA Prep Center

Staging or FBA prep Center enable you to outsource this step to a third-party, so you can rapidly and feasibly scale your eCommerce business without the annoyances.

FBA Prep Center

FBA has defined Packaging and Prep Requirements for products, its clients want to ship to and store in Amazon fulfilment centers. Adequate packaging and preparing units help to bring downinterruptions in receive time, protect your products while in our fulfilment centres, and instigate a better customer experience.

If you choose to go with the FBA Prep Service, Amazon will find out your eligible products for a per-unit fee. To letAmazon,formulate your products, you first need to activate FBA Prep Services. When you send inventory to Amazon fulfilment centers, you will be able to choose whether your products will be prepared by Amazon or by you. When devising your Shipping Plan, they will provide an estimate of the FBA Prep Fees based on the desired preparation services for the chosen products.

If you register for FBA Prep Services

  • You will have the option to select whether Amazon or you prep each eligible product in your Shipping Plan.
  • For offerings that Amazon preps, you will be charged the appropriate FBA Prep Service fees based on the prep services Amazon provides as decided by Amazon.
  • There are dispersedcharges for Standard-Size and Oversize products.
  • Your qualifying units may be divided into multiple extra shipments.
  • If you decide to have Amazon prep your products, for selected product FBA Label Service may get automatically included in the prep activities on those products, and you will also be charged according to the FBA Label Service Pricing.
  • Amazing will determine in sole discretion which prep services they perform with respect to your products.
  • We may discontinue the FBA Prep Service for FBA Prep Center at any time.

For products with FBA Prep Guidance

For every eligible product documented on the Prepare Products page of the shipping process, under ‘Who preps?’ choose ‘Amazon’ if you want to let Amazon prepare the product or choose ‘Seller’ if you want to do the preparation on your own. ‘Amazon’ will always be the default selection for products with Prep Guidance.

For products without Prep Guidance

Products without Prep Guidance may still possess packaging and prep requirements. For products without Prep Guidance, select category will emerge in the Prep Guidance column. In order for Amazon to prep these products, you must follow these steps:

  1. Click Choose category from the ‘Prep guidance’ column on the Prepare Products page.
  2. In the pop-up window, choose the Prep Category that seems appropriatefor your product from the Prep Category drop-down, or select ‘No prep’ if you think that no prep is required.
  3. For the given product choose ‘Amazon’ in the ‘Who preps?’ column on the Prep Product page.

If you do not follow these procedures orchoose ‘Seller’ in the ‘Who preps?’ column, then you will be held accountable for the preparation of these products. Here, it is necessary to mention that you’ll be assigned a FBA Prep Center for the job.

When you start searching around for aFBA prep center, it is suggested that you first prepare a list of the general products that you order online. Then make a note of any products that need additional processing such as used books, bundles, glass, groceries and oversized units.

Once you’re done with your list, and then begin contacting the prep centers to validate that they will process your particular type of inventory and to find out how much they will charge you. This is because each FBA Prep Center has its own set of prices. While you’re making your primary contact with the prep centers, also make note of their customer service. You’ll wish to work with one that gives you a remarkable first impression by handling your questions instantly and politely.

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